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As the public demands greater environmental responsibility from industry, it becomes necessary to find new ways of solving many cleaning and sanitation problems. Commercial biotechnology offers many solutions that once required the application of hazardous and toxic chemical compounds. The Brighton Industries program is designed to provide a full line of bacterial products for a multiple applications. These products offer solutions which are safe, environmentally sound, and extremely effective, often far more so than the traditional chemical treatments.


Brighton Industries, Inc. is dedicated solely to the development of the highest quality, environmentally responsible biological products. Utilizing nature's own "clean up crew" Brighton Industries, Inc. incorporates specific bacterial strains to solve numerous, industrial, commercial and institutional problems which result from organic waste.


Our product BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN is a formulation consisting of a synergistic blend of five selected strains of microorganisms.  It can be used to clean and deodorize the entire interior of an office building including fabric, carpet, hard surfaces, and washrooms.  In developing BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN, was of great importance, was the selection of a blend of strains specifically designed to promote optimum enzymatic activity for the production of protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase enzymes.  As a result, BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN'S synergistic strain provides excellent breakdown of starchy carbohydrates, tissue, fats, grease and oils.  Unlike any other type of product, the five strains of synergistically blended bacterial organisms remain behind after the cleaning procedure is finished to eliminate trace odor and stain causing organics.  In other words, organic odors and stains are eliminated by removal of the root source.


This formulation is the natural replacement for formaldehyde and quaternary compounds.  BIO-CLEAN and  TRU-CLEAN friendly bacterial workers out compete undesirable odor producing bacteria when waste products enter the holding system. BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN natural bio-enzymatic function will result in eliminating organic stains, reduced solids, controlled odors, and of most importance a waste free of contaminates which are acceptable for discharge at most dumping facilities.

By using BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN in the public washrooms where a germicidal cleaner is not necessary (after one use, the restroom is not germicidal clean) the urinary salts will not need to be rotted from the lines. You can also eliminate the use of deodorants, urinal blocks, quaternary floor soaps and acid bowl cleaners because BIO-CLEAN and TRU-CLEAN will eliminate the salts and deodorizes by feeding on the bacteria as it cleans.


 The benefits of the BIO-CLEAN System are:

  • Quick Cleaning action

  • Eliminates organic fouling at the source

  • Non-acid, Non-corrosive, Non-toxic, Biodegradable

  • Safe to handle and store




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