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Grease Trap And Drain System

Brighton Industries, Inc. is dedicated solely to bring you the highest quality, environmentally responsible biological products.  Utilizing nature's own "clean-up crew," Brighton Industries, Inc. incorporates specific bacterial strains to solve numerous industrial, commercial, and institutional problems, which result from organic wastes.


Maintenance of lines, traps, and drains to control organic deposits (fat, oil, and greases) and odors is a way of life and must be dealt with daily by institutional system personnel.  Standard procedures may require jetting clogged lines or the use of harsh chemicals such as caustics, strong acids, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.  While successful, these techniques are costly, hazardous to operations personnel and may result in damage to pumping systems.


The Brighton Industries, Inc. solution is based online augmentation using. BIO-ZYMES cultures that are specifically formulated for application within drain systems. BIO- ZYMES contains bacteria specifically selected for their ability to degrade fats, oils, and grease at accelerated rates. When BIO-ZYMES are utilized in lateral lines the cultures liquefy, digest, and remove organic deposits from fouled lines. Regular applications keep the lines free of organic deposits, reduce or eliminate related odors and line corrosion. 


Bacterial augmentation to drain systems offers a safe, non-toxic preventative maintenance program to ensure system integrity, continuous flow, and reduction in man-hours and chemical costs. To achieve ultimate results, I suggest using a Metering Pump to add the precise amount of BIO-ZYMES daily, eliminating human error.


  • Benefits of BIO-ZYMES System are:

  • Natural Green Product

  • Non-Acid, Non-Caustic, Non-Toxic

  • Eliminates organic fouling of a system line

  • Resistance to sanitizing agents - reduces system shocking

  • Eliminate costly system backups and related incidents


By augmenting your system with BIO-ZYMES, you will reduce the sludge volume by a minimum of 50-67% in your grease trap. Also, your lateral lines will be kept free and clear, which will reduce maintenance costs on pumping, routing, and labor hours. The BIO-ZYMES system should be started by first routing lines leading into the grease trap, and by pumping excessive grease from the grease trap, or injector pit.

Video of Drain Line



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