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Odor Control

Brighton Industries, Inc. is dedicated solely to bring you the highest quality, environmentally responsible biological products.  Utilizing nature's own "clean-up crew," Brighton Industries, Inc. incorporates specific bacterial strains to solve numerous industrial, commercial and institutional problems, which result from organic wastes.


Odors are perceived due to the interaction of odor molecules with olfactory receptors in the nose. To cause odor compounds must be volatile to travel to the nose and must possess chemistry to stimulate olfactory receptors. Historically, odor control has usually involved the application of perfumes or odor maskants, which do not eliminate odor but increase it by adding another less objectionable odor to overpower the malodor. Chemicals, which interfere with the olfactory receptors, may be used to deaden the odor response. In both cases the odor compounds and any toxic effect they may have are not eliminated.


The Brighton Industries, Inc. solution is a ready-to-use formula specifically designed to eliminate objectionable odors in institutional and industrial settings. BIO-FRESH is a broad-spectrum odor counteractant which immediately deactivates hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, volatile fatty acids, pet malodors, feces, urine, garlic, tobacco odor, and any other objectionable odor coming from an organic source.


  • Benefits of BIO-FRESH are:

  • Rapidly neutralizes and eliminates odors without relying on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidizers.

  • Selectively adapted bacteria reduce or eliminate odor by degrading volatile amines and mercaptans at accelerated rates.

  • Eliminates Organic Fouling

  • Non-Acid, Non-Caustic, Non-Toxic

  • Rapid and Long-Term Effect

  • Immediate Odor Relief


Bio Fresh

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