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Wastewater Treatment

The purpose of wastewater treatment is to reduce the amount of waste usually released into the environment to improve environmental health. Brighton Industries offers the best collection of microbial products designed especially for wastewater bio-augmentation. The specification of these products is, they reduce costs, maximize system efficiency, and help to maintain compliance with state and federal laws. Brighton Industries formulas contain a strong consortium of enzyme-producing bacteria. These bacteria can work quickly to remediate problems from start to end throughout the entire process of the wastewater cycle. Brighton Industries wastewater treatment products include specific bacteria strains to clean a vast variety of wastewater impurities namely, grease traps, septic systems, lagoons to improve system efficiency, municipal wastewater facilities, reduce slug and odor, lower Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and improve BOD and COD levels. Our biological products reduce costs, improves system efficiency, and as well as helps you to maintain compliance with state and federal laws.





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